What to Pack for a Long Weekend on Cape Cod 2022

What to Pack for a Long Weekend on Cape Cod 2022

Everything you need to pack for a long weekend on Cape Cod can be found at Coastal Brahmin and J. Crew.  And if you need some travel tips, they are here as well.

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It's always exciting when you cross the bridge to the Cape because you know you are almost there.  We have a sign in our kitchen, as do many others here, "Call when you get to the bridge."  Even I get excited crossing and I live here!  True confession, I still get excited when I see the ocean.  I mean, I can see it every day!  But it never fails, every. single. time.


Long weekends on the Cape are a must if you live in New England and here are all of your must haves.  First, don't forget to pack your essentials in Coastal Brahmin's travel bag and our cute robe is the perfect weight for summer and it's so compact. For a fun weekend with an amazing breakfast and "show" book the Captain David Kelley House. Take a peak at their Instagram to see why it's so fun.


Head to the beach in J. Crew's hot pink one piece with just enough coverage and a pair of slides and cover up with the Wellfleet Kaftan and a straw hat.  Place all of your beach supplies in our best selling Marakesh Tote.  We are sold out at the moment but no worries, more are on the way.  Some of our favorite beaches are Mayflower in Dennis (especially at low tide), Nauset in Orleans to watch the surfers (or sharks, whichever comes first ), Head of the Meadow in Truro for their tide pools (safe from sharks), Herring Cove in Provincetown for the glorious sunsets and Cahoon Hollow because well, The Beachcomber is right there and that's just to name a few.

Cahoon Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, MA



If you aren't staying at The Chatham Bars Inn you at least have to have lunch there.  It's a Cape Cod institution.  The views and people watching can't be beat. Take a look at their website, they have a few restaurants to choose from. I will have to do a seprate blog on their amazing cocktails.   Our Mughal Flower dress is the perfect choice for there.  This dress has CBI written all over it!  Take along our Mini Cozumel Tote and J. Crew's espadrilles  and you are good to go.  


Day Trip to Martha's Vineyard

This island is a lot more than just where Jaws was filmed. Just a short ferry ride away from Wood's Hole or Hyannis, the Vineyard has something for everyone.  I usually go out of Wood's Hole and stop first at Pie in the Sky for a coffee and popover.  It's a great treat for the ferry over.  Oaks Bluff is the cutest town with probably the most gingerbread houses you will ever see.  The shops are a mixture of honky tonk and preppy, the most well known being Vineyard Vines.  But that wasn't their first shop, that was in Edgartown, the more swanky town on the Vineyard.  Edgartown, by far, has the best shoppping and restaurants.  And don't forget to stop by tiny Vineyard Haven, there are a few cute shops there too!  Hopefully you tucked your swimsuit into your Marakesh tote because you will need it for the next stop.  A trip to the Vineyard isn't complete until you jumped (or at least watched people jump) from the "Jaw's Bridge" in Edgartown.  It's defintely a right of passage and a must do.  I suggest wearing Coastal Brahmin's Ruffles and Pintucks shirt along with J. Crew's shorts and sandals.  This shirt is fun because you can wear the buttons in back and have a high collar or in front and leave the buttons open on a warmer day.

 Martha's Vineyard Gingerbread Pink House

Martha's Vineyard Pink Gingerbread House, Oaks Bluff, MA


Casual Evening Out

Last week I met friends at The Pelham House in Dennis for dinner and drinks and I wore the Pink Flowers and Stripes Dress with a jean jacket.  It was such a fun night and I got many compliments on the dress.   The Pelham House is one of the newest places to be on the Cape and it is not only beautiful but a lot of fun, the best staff and amazing food.  And so many choices on where to have dinner.  You can go by their pool for something casual, sit at one of their firepits, dinner on their ocean view rooftop or hit their newest restaurant, Waves, for some sushi.  Last week I also had lunch by the pool with my family.  Twice in one week, it must be good!!

Did I miss your favorite spot?  Please drop a comment and share. And for a limited time our Day Tripping Dress with Balloon Sleeves is 20% off.







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