Mommy and Me

Mommy and Me


Welcoming a little girl into your life is truly a blessing. Cherish the moments when they are small by capturing precious photos with them, as they grow up so fast. Soon enough, they will have their own preferences and may not be as keen on those adorable pictures anymore. 

Coordinating outfits are ideal for Easter, Mother's Day, family photos, and other special occasions. Here, you can discover all the accessories needed to create a picture-perfect day.

Mother's Dress - Coastal Brahim,

Girl's Dress - Coastal Brahmin,

Hats - Lorna Murray,

Women's Shoes - Charleston Shoe Company,

Girl's Shoes - Maisonette,

Easter Basket - Squeeze de Citron,

Clutch - Lisa Lerch,

Girl's Pearl Necklace - Kerry McGauley,

Bracelets and Hoops - Whale Tail Weaving,                                                   or

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