Michele McCoy, Owner, Coastal Brahmin

Manifesting a new life

I'm Michele and this is my new life I created right here, online, right now! I've worked in the Interior Design business since 2015. Learning the ropes from a very strong business minded and creative woman, I fell in love with the rich, colorful fabrics and learned to appreciate the workmanship that comes with the finer things in the decorating world. In August 2020, in the middle of quarantine, I decided to do what many others did and leaving that position, set out to pursue something for myself. I wanted something of my own that I will do when my last child leaves the nest. I'm passionate about travel and meeting new people.  I love going to far away countries where no one speaks English.  I am always up for a good adventure!  And I still love those beautiful fabrics.  So I decided to combine the two, travel and textiles.  I have a thing for Instagram posts where the owners of small companies head off to India, South America and Africa and find people in local villages making beautiful things by hand.  I love how they are supporting and empowering village women to have their own small businesses. And I just LOVE the J. Peterman Catalog.  Oh the adventures he's been on.  I wonder if they are real??  I sure hope so.   

So, that's how I manifested my new life.  I want to be the person traveling to far off countries in search of beautiful things to sell back home and online.  I will have pop up shops to keep my free spirited self unchained to the demands of a retail shop.  My shop will be the open road and my customers will follow.  Hopefully :) Please? :). 



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Hi Michelle! Love your story and it was great meeting you at Love, Live Fest! Hope to see you again!
Stephanie Reeve (Tidal Bay Studio)

Stephanie S Reeve

Love this!!!!

Maryanne Sullivan

You’re so awesome


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